Meet Leah

Energetic and determined, Leah loves to create and paint.

When not actively engaged in her pursuit of art, she is
involved with her church and scouting groups, attends
tumbling classes, and likes to spend time with her friends
and cousins.  

As time permits, she spends time enjoying the great
outdoors, where she likes to fish (if the fish are biting) and  
to camp (if the weather is good).
Leah's love of nature and the outdoors is expressed in her
colorful paintings.

She has specific thoughts and creative ideas.
Her determination and energy are expressed through her

Scroll down and view just a few of the many
paintings she has created.
Leah displays one of her original painting designs
Leah carefully mixes paint to duplicate her teacher's
painting.  Even great masters learned from others, then
went on to create their own masterpieces.  Learning the
correct techniques first allows for less frustration when
creating original works of art.
Leah's beautiful works of art are an
inspiration for others to explore their
Leah's Art and Gallery

Carefully layering and applying
mixed paint while copying the painting
helps the brain learn new skills like
value, color variation, and the
ability to combine several colors
to easily create the perfect tone
From Leah:
I've learned that mixing two opposite colors will
make brown--but much prettier brown than from
the tubes or bottles.
mixing all the colors on the palette will make a
gray--but sometimes a very pretty gray.
To mix browns, use blue and orange
red and green
yellow and violet

My tiny painting below started as an
experiment and I layered and mixed several
colors to get the background affect.
I then added the dragonfly, but with brighter
unmixed colors.
Leah's Painting Techniques and Ideas
Dragonfly by Leah, 2" by 4" copyrighted by Leah's Art and Gallery, and Windale Studios




Zebra Stripes, 11" by 14" Design copyrighted by Leah's Art and Gallery, and Windale Studios
Path of the Ladybug, 3" by 5" copyrighted by Leah's Art and Gallery, and Windale Studios
Frog and Fly, 5" by 7" copyrighted by Leah's Art and Gallery, and Windale Studios
Butterfly on Green, 3" by 5" copyrighted by Leah's Art and Gallery, and Windale Studios
Tropical Paradise, 5" by 7" copyrighted by Leah's Art and Gallery  
                                         and Windale Studios
Leah's Swan, 9" by 12" copyrighted by Leah's Art and Gallery and Windale Studios
The Zebra was for
my friend's room.  
She likes zebras
and her room is
pink and green.

I contrasted and
repeated the
stripes of the
zebra with her
room colors.
For this miniature, I first layered
several colors, then splattered
with colors from opposite sides
of the color wheel.

For example, the dark blue is kind
of opposite the orange red.  

I use toothbrushes, fan, or bristle
brushes to splatter paint designs.

I outlined the pathway and
ladybug with bright gold for
I started with a
white canvas, then
spattered it with
contrasting colors.

I then decided to
put in the frog
jumping to catch
the fly.

The colors and
splatters have lots
of movement to go
with the painting

The opposite
colors and cool
tones of the
background help
make the butterfly
seem to be flying
out of the picture.

Again, I used the
splattering effect
to give my painting
variety and

Other students
liked this scene I
painted so much
they copied it by
painting their own
tropical sunsets.

My teacher made
me do this painting
to practice
oil painting
With oil painting,
turpentine and oil
medium are used
move the paints.

With acrylic and
watercolor,  water
is used to move
the paints.