Terri Kacz Gallery
Beautiful and Inspirational Designs by Terri Kacz
Introducing Terri Kacz:
Drawing, designing, and creating works of art has always been
natural for Terri Kacz.  She fell in love with art as a child.
In addition to her art, she loves creative cooking and almost all
kinds of crafts.  Terri's paintings and designs often express her  
Christian beliefs, including hearts, crosses, and flowers.  
Her designs flow out with a natural heart felt simplicity.

"I always ask God for inspiration and guidance," she explains.
Artist Terri Kacz
Peacock by Terri Kacz
Copyright by Terri Kacz Gallery
Peacock detail
Copyright by Terri Kacz Gallery
Eagle by Terri Kacz
Eagle detail

Art by Terri Kacz
Currently, Terri's "Eagle" drawing is on
tour with the Poetry Society's
Art and
Poetry Exhibit
in Austin, Texas.