Motivational Speaker   Artist    Workshop Leader   Hypnotist    
Goal Coach
Need a speaker or demo artist for your meeting?  
I'll even provide a sketch for a door prize.  
Contact Zebe regarding fees
and subject choices.
Whether painting an inch square miniature or creating a mural
35 feet in length, Zebe explores the beauty of art and art
expression.  She loves to teach art, and many of her works are
created before audiences or with classes.  
Zebe demonstrates in all art media, and has combined science,
hypnosis, and creativity to reflect so many different
applications--from "stress relief" to "redefining thought systems"
to "kinesthetic teaching strategies."   Your organization, school,
club, or workplace will find her presentation refreshing and
inspiring.  The door prize is the sketch she completes during
her speech.  
Zebe's life mission statement is:  
" I am happily, enthusiastically, and prosperously   
encouraging myself and others to reach for our    
                                           highest good."
Liz Pearsall             Zebe