Art and Hypnosis!   Healing ARTS!
About Zebe and Windale Studios
* Research has shown that children
who take fine art classes do better   
on their SAT tests (and in other ways
later in life) than students who do not.
* Art helps stimulate both hemispheres          
of the brain--and increases creativity
and advancement in thought processes.
Liz Pearsall (Zebe) is a Texas Certified
Teacher in art, psychology, English as a
second language, special education, history,
geography, economics, and government.  
She has also served as a  co-teacher in
English, reading, and the sciences including
physics, biology, physics, chemistry, and
GMO (geology, meteorology, oceanography).
Privately, she has taught art (and also
integrating self-hypnosis and art into
workshops) for 26 years.   
When speaking, she often states her belief
that, "Death does not make life a tragedy,
ignorance does!  Life is an adventure to be
experienced regardless of circumstances.  
My art, writing, speaking, and research add to
the world and to the creative thought that
flows through everything.
In addition to co-teaching science in the
Texas public school system, Zebe travels the
country inspiring others in with her creative
awareness workshops.  
* Ever get sleepy and relaxed while watching TV?    
Hmmm?  Is the media hypnotizing you into "complete
submission" to their ads and ideas? A study of
hypnosis and how the brain acquires and accesses
information will help you be more aware of your world--
and your own thinking processes.  
* Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation and heightened
awareness which can allow thought to bypass the
conscious mind.  Everyone experiences hypnosis many
times a day.  Ever daydream or meditate?  Hypnosis is a
very common state of being.  With the hypnotic technique,
the conscious mind can be bypassed.  
Windale Studios


Art Jurist and Demonstrator
Award Winning Artist
Speaker - Workshop Leader
Certified Hypnotist
Liz Pearsall       Zebe
Awaken the Artist Within
A Journey into the Creative Dimensions of the Mind

Explore your mind with dual-hemispheric brain awareness exercises and a
relaxing hypnosis session designed to guide the mind into recognizing and
empowering its own creative potential.  Workshop will include the fundamentals of
(designed for all areas of goal achievement and life enhancement).  Experience
the brain’s innate abilities to draw and create as you experiment with several
kinds of art medium.  Complete your own eye-sketch and discover how to make
water appear alive.  (No previous art instruction needed as this ability is already
within you).  Workshop includes a paint-along instruction session designed to
guide the mind into its own artistic skills and drawing concepts.   
As a child, learning the letters of the alphabet was the introduction to more
complex reading skills, and learning numbers was a fundamental prelude to
complex mathematical skills.  Recognizing the natural hemispheric brain shift into
the creative, holistic hemisphere opens up new dimensions of creative awareness
that can awaken the dreamscapes of your mind.  Nothing is impossible using the
potential of whole brain awareness.   The last frontier is of the mind—and through
such awakening we will explore the vastness of the
Supplies, detailed notes, hypnosis CD, and self-hypnosis scripts for future use
with clients will also be provided.  
Come comfortable and prepared to release the hidden creative genius that has
always dwelled within.