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Don't say weight loss!  The body has a resistance to
losing weight because weight is also muscles,
blood, water, vitamins, bone, etc.  Always say
reduce fat--build muscle and bone.
High Fructose Corn Syrup Challenge
(See Below)
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                      High Fructose Corn Syrup Challenge

*    Take the "High Fructose Corn Syrup Challenge," and experience how much better your body feels.
*  Give up
Anything with high fructose corn syrup in it--Anything!   Be sure and get the
*  nutrition information from the web site of your "favorite" ugly fast food place.   Check   
*  everything--from ketchup to ice cream to dipping sauces to salad dressings to flavored waters--
Everything!  Just try it for six (6) weeks.  
*    Get apples and fruit to satisfy your sugar cravings if you suffer withdrawal--eat several if you have
*  to.  Get some raw almonds or walnuts to satisfy your fat cravings.  First get off the bad stuff then
*  it's much easier to later change your eating habits.  
 First get off the addictive stuff!
*   Just don't eat any high fructose corn syrup--or any fast food that
has                                             the ingredient "corn syrup."   
*  And most fast food restaurants have one or two somewhat healthy foods choices (and I don't
mean        the withered plants at the drive through entrance--some of those might be artificial, too).
*  Just give it six weeks--You can do it--and then you will be able
to                                        accomplish anything--ANYTHING!
*  How to give up soft drinks--sweetened and artificially sweetened  
*      drinks:
*  (Actually in my experimentation, the artificial sugar substitutes act on the brain to cause you to gain
even more fat.  For your health,
get off now!)
*    Get some
green tea (organic is nice), but I also like Bigelow brand of green tea because it is mild.
*   Put one or two bags in a glass of filtered water for a few minutes (don't have to heat).  Sweeten
*  with stevia (a natural sweetener), or with unprocessed natural sugar or honey or natural maple  
syrup--or a combination of stevia and one of the sugars--until you let go of most of the sugars.
(Do not use artificial sweeteners--Do not ever use artificial sweeteners--Check labels!)
I really enjoy the green tea plain now.  Some people get off of caffeine completely--but I have not
achieved that except for short times of a week or two.  I work better and have more energy with
some green tea--or at least the addiction has convinced me of that fact.  
*  Fresh lemonade is also wonderful--especially made from organic lemons, and makes a great pick
me up at any time--especially when you might be craving the ugly "high fructose" in those cola or
other soft drinks.  Cut and squeeze fresh lemon into a glass--add stevia and/or some natural
unprocessed sugar or honey or natural maple syrup.  Keep adding less sugar as you can.
Remember, our bodies do need some sugar--just not all the artificial and unnaturally processed
"ugly, unhealthy" stuff.
We are beautiful creatures and we need to treat ourselves as such--regardless of how society may
have tried to program us.  Let it go.  Release the control, and make your life a little better each
and every day.
*  Soy milk shakes are great for the times when you have to indulge.  Use frozen fruit, soy milk,
with/or without a soy protein mix or even cocoa.  Add stevia to sweeten.  Wow!  Experiment with it!
Remember!    Life's an Adventure.   Try out this challenge!    Educate yourself!
*  Tip:  Start saying "fat" decrease instead of weight loss.  The body (and brain) have resistance to  
losing "weight" because weight could be bones, blood, vitamins, and muscles.  You want to decrease
The brain has resistance to the word "loss" also.  Try "Decrease Fat, Gain Health! Live Life!"
IMPORTANT:  Click on the Links below to Research more
about                               Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup:

Web Surfer Metabolism Warm Up
At your own risk of course:  
1.  Stand up from the computer, click the music below (let it play at least 3
times to increase metabolism).
2.  Walk in place to the beat at first.
3.  As the music repeats (2nd time),  add simple arm movements.
4.  As the music repeats again (3rd time), add a few jiggles.
5.  When your metabolism has warmed up, you may turn off the music and
6.  Sit down again and continue surfing the Net--or march off to do
something more physical for a while.